2-ReneMargritteArtist: Rene Margritte   Title: The False Mirror

The original picture is a regular eye with the sky as the iris of the eye. I decided to change the concept of the eye a little and make my remake a sad eye. The tear and the darkness of the sky adds to the emotion.  I decided to make the eye a gray scale to also add to the emotion. By looking at this eye you can automatically tell that something is probably going on in this person’s life.



Artist: Andy Warhol Title: Zebra

I wanted to explore pop art, so I decided to try to do a remake of Andy Warhol Zebra. I am really happy about the end result. I used a picture from Google and decided to use different colors. I used a different color scheme than Warhol did to make it a noticeable difference. My remake zebra has more of straight linear lines, while Warhol has more curvilinear lines. Adding color to black and white also makes there a noticeable difference. I left more black in the zebra to create more of a contrast between the colors. I chose to do the zebra out of the others because the original attracted me more.



Artist: Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen Title: Spoonbridge & Cherry

I decided to get images from Google and collage them together to create this remake image. All of the images are more cartoon-like rather than realistic images. My remake is also more vibrant according to colors. My eye is more attracted to color, so that is why I decided to gather images that were colorful and vibrant. I played around in Photoshop and make the spoon a different texture to make it stand out a little. I also decided to put two cherries on the spoon rather than just one.


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