Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol Zebra

This artwork was done by screen print and represents an image in Pop Culture. I am really in love with the way this piece was done. I am attracted to color, and this piece definitely incorporates colors in a way that it catches the eye. The way the colors and lines are aligned makes the zebra stand out.

Pablo Picasso

Girl Before A Mirror


This image includes shapes, lines and colors that attracts the eye. There is a lot going on with this piece, but is very interesting. This girl looking in a mirror to me is portraying someone who sees something else when they look at themselves. Maybe she is not satisfied with herself. This can be seen by the dark colors in the reflection in the mirror.

Georgia O’Keefe

Blue Morning Glories


The use of bright colors in this artwork automatically grabs my attention. The flowers are shown to have this 3 dimensional shape to them, by using shadows and variations of one color. The flowers being as big or zoomed in as they are, makes you focus more on them.


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