I wanted to make a GIF with my family, which is my little brother, twin sister, and my mother. Without these people in my life, I do not know where I would be. My mother has been a major influence in my life and have always been there. My sister is my bestfriend and no one can take her place. divider-line1


This was a sequential picture I found on google. I separated the images in Photoshop. I liked this picture because it shows his whole motion through the whole stunt.



This was a picture  I used in the previous remake project. I thought it would look cool to take the different layers and make them into images. I wanted to show the different colors in the zebra through a sequential effect in a reverse order.



I researched different quotes and wanted to put it into a GIF. So I found different images, and also made some of the words in the animation. I broke the quote down image by image trying to get different symbolism in to the animation.




I LOVE candy so I decided to do a animation about candy. I found a quote about candy that I liked and created the different words with candy as the filling. I believed it added a twist to the quote and made it more interesting. The mouth at the end was something I stumbled upon while researching and it makes the animation so much better. I also love colors and this one just really catches my eye.


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